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About Us

The Institute for Philanthropy US and its sister organization The Institute for Philanthropy are dynamic, expanding and highly entrepreneurial organizations. Delivering programs together, these linked organizations work to promote strategic philanthropy in the US, the UK and globally by providing donor education, building donor networks, and raising the awareness and understanding of philanthropy through press outreach. It has emerged as the global leader in strategic philanthropy education, particularly through its flagship program (The Philanthropy Workshop, and increasingly plays a thought leadership role internationally on questions of strategic philanthropy.

The Institute for Philanthropy was founded in the UK in 2000; the US organization was established in 2008. Recently, the Institute’s growth has been particularly robust with staff increasing from 2.5 to 15 and its budget quadrupling in size. It enjoys a reputation for high quality programming, sound finances (with a mix of earned and grant income), a broad base of supporters, a strong brand, and is host to an engaged, dynamic and global network of strategic philanthropists.