Post-Landfill Action Network

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About Us

The Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN) is a nonprofit, cooperative network of student leaders working to end the cycle of waste on college campuses. Student groups on member campuses receive a variety of tools and support to help launch financially-sustainable programs that keep reusable and recyclable materials out of landfills. By building waste-reduction programs that deliver significant ecological and economic benefits to students and institutions, as well as educating students about waste problems and solutions, PLAN is helping build the foundation for a world without waste.

Working with PLAN:

We are a 4 year old organization with 8 staff members across 4 states. Our average age  is 24 years old. We come from academic backgrounds that range from Biology and Computer Science to Women and Gender Studies and African American Studies. We come to our work with passions within and beyond waste like food security research, social justice conference organizing, sustainable design thinking, and non-violent direct action, just to name a few. We are southern belles, new jersey punks, queers, nerds and a drag queen working toward the common goal of a just and sustainable world.

Every week we have at least two full team meetings. We work to maintain a horizontal structure of leadership by developing and revising our self governance system, establishing dual Executive Directorship and holding 2 annual full staff retreats. We adhere to a safer space policy and work together to develop policies that push us to be better such as an Ethical Partnership Policy and a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy.