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About Us

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PROEA, founded and directed by Dr. Gabriel Maldonado, is a non-for-profit educational consulting service that offers comprehensive institutional development and improvement support to independent, international, public and charter schools, in developing countries and in urban schools in the USA and Puerto Rico.

Currently we are working in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America establishing innovative schools that serve as models of what is possible in developing countries, and strengthening existing schools towards best practices and sustainable and green education.

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Our services include:

  1. Charter, international and autonomous public school start-ups
  2. School turnarounds
  3. Instituting faculty evaluation systems
  4. Assisting with faculty recruitment
  5. Improving and aligning school assessment systems
  6. Leading school accreditation process
  7. Curriculum development and enhancement, particularly in STEM
  8. Professional Development: Assessment, Curriculum Alignment, 21st Century Skills, Common Core Standards
  9. Budget analysis and restructuring
  10. Website development and schoolwide email systems
  11. School branding, competitor market analysis and marketing strategies
  12. Bringing nature in the classroom and outdoor experiential learning
  13. School greening plans