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About Us

The objectives of the Association shall be to promote the sustainable develobement of Renewable Energy through the following:

  • To advance knowledge and skills.
  • To manage knowledge and disseminate information.
  • To network members and other key actors in the public and private sector.
  • To support the creation of an enabling environment and framework for a sustainable renewable energy market.
  • To support and encourage best practice, including development and enforcement of standarts and codes of conduct.
  • To promote the local manufacture of Renewable Energy products and enterprise development in the Renewable Energy sector.
  • To facilitate market developement of Renewable Energy technologies, applications and services.

TAREA has been realising its objectives through the following initiatives/activities:


TAREA conducts trainings on Solar PV Technology.

TAREA has trained 170 Solar PV technicians, supported by Sida/MEM Solar PV Project for the regions of Iringa, Tanga, Morogoro, Coast, Mbeya, Kigoma, Rukwa, Mtwara, Dodoma, Ruvuma, Lindi, Tabora, Manyara and Singida. It also trains Vocational Education and Training Authority Trainers in solar Photovoltaic Technologies. It has already trained 36 VETA Trainers for the regions of Dodoma, Mbeya, Mtwara, Ruvuma, Kigoma, Tabora, Singida, Rukwa, Morogoro and Iringa.

TAREA has trained members of staff of Fair Competition Commission that works to intervene the supply chain of substandard and counterfeit renewable energy products.

TAREA trainers consist of theory and practical instructors. The theory instructors consists of members with qualification of Masters degrees to doctrates (Doctors and Professors) while practical instructors consists of members with qualifications of Full Technician Certificates to Bachelor of Science in Engineering.

Community awareness raising

Furthermore, TAREA has been conducting renewable energy exhibitions since 2005. Along exhibitions, TAREA conducts stake-holders workshops, study tours of target groups to renewable systems, awareness to the public through articles, leaflets, TV and newspapers on fake/ poor quality products. TAREA also provides renewable energy information to target groups through its website, quarterly renewable energy magazine, brochures, radio and the internet.

In August, 2009, TAREA conducted renewable energy exhibition to members of parliament in Dodoma and in May, 2010 conducted renewable energy exhibition in Arusha, that attracted people from the regions of Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Manyara and Tanga.

Policy influence

Some of the biggest achievements of TAREA were preparation of Tax reform proposal for renewable energy, which led to VAT and other Taxes waiver on solar and wind energy products/ components, and preparation of National Solar PV Standards in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, supported by UNDP-Mwanza Solar PV Project.

TAREA is working to influence the use of jatropha biofuel at the small scale rather than plantations. Small scale jatropha growing is promoted in order to meet only the household energy need.

Solar industry and end user protection

TAREA raises awareness of the members of community on the presence of counterfeit /

substandard products of renewable energies. TAREA instructs people and train Fair Competition Commission Workers on how to identify the counterfeit / substandard products.

TAREA participates in the process of procurement of Solar PV Testing Equipment for Tanzania Bureau of Standard, and train entry points workers of Tanzania Revenue Authority on Solar PV Quality Control.

Energy efficiency

TAREA promotes the use of technologies that protects environment (against pollutions of green house gases and noise) and assures reliable energy supply at the affordable costs. For example, TAREA conducts a project to promote the use of grid charged backup system instead of using petrol/diesel generators at Kariakoo.


TAREA conducts various research in renewable energies. For example, it carries market studies and renewable energy applications. There is a study underway in using solar lanterns for fishing small fish in Mwanza.

Volunteer programs

TAREA runs three volunteer programs. Two volunteer programs are formal ones. The formal programs (Waeltwets and REN Programs), means TAREA cooperates with other organisations to implement annual regular volunteer programs. The informal program is one whereby agreement is made between TAREA and an individual who want to support TAREA through working in a specific period of time not exceeding 3 months. Special arrangement can be made that informal volunteer works beyond 3 months. Volunteers supports implementing various activities.

Consultancy services

TAREA provides consultancy services geared to success development of uses of renewable energies. TAREA supports communities/institutes in planning and design of energy systems, provide guidelines in the preparation of tender documents, assessment and technical translations of the documents.

Services provided by members

TAREA members provides services of renewable energy sales, planning, design and system developments. The non-profit making members are involved in the capacity building and renewable energy products quality assuarance. TAREA Members are involved in the development of technologies of solar, wind, biomass, min-hydro and bio-mass.

The objectives of the Association shall be to promote the sustainable develobement of Renewable Energy through the following:

  • To advance knowledge and skills.
  • To manage knowledge and disseminate information.
  • To network members and…

Issue Areas Include

  • Economic Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Relations
  • Research & Social Science


  • P.O. Box 32643, Dar es Salaam, 02, Tanzania

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