Kids Worldwide

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About Us

Kids Worldwide seeks to improve the quality of life for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We are an international volunteer organisation that provides free web design to non profit childrens projects in developing countries. We also assist these same projects by helping to find international volunteers to support their project through donations and volunteering time to help teach, do childcare in orphanages etc.

Our volunteer programmes are notable in that we only request volunteers to give a small donation for food and accommodation directly to the project where they will be volunteering when they arrive. There is no administration fee requested to sign up through our program as we have volunteers doing all the web design and coordination for free.

In general, we suggest that directors ask that each volunteer give US $350 for their first month's food and accomodation and $100 thereafter. That is all - compare this to other volunteering sites on the internet!

The volunteer director of Kids Worldwide commutes between New Zealand and the Philippines on a 6 monthly basis, but volunteers from all around the world help in the daily running of the organisation. We have a system of volunteer coordinators who help to book in volunteers in the various projects and who communicate regularly with volunteers who will be going to volunteer in order to give them support in planning thier stay in developing countries.