A Star for the Night Foundation

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About Us

Charity Description: Founded in 1998, A Star for the Night Foundation empowers sick ,disabled and homeless children with a life-changing event ,making them ”stars” by sharing the spotlight with their favorite celebrities. For seriously ill children, we have a program when the children need it the most- while they are going through their horrific procedures. The children are DJ’s interviewing their favorite movie stars, right out of their hospital beds on nationwide radio.

1) Our program Empowers, inspires, teaches and enables the children. The life-changing event starts with a make-over, outfit, dinner and limo then off to share the spotlight. Venues are Star in a Miss America Pageant, or Star in a rodeo, Star at a sporting event, Star on stage at a concert, Star at a Red Carpet event- etc.

2) These events empower the children and families to believe in their dreams and inspired to know they can have what they want in life. They are next taught how to make your other dreams possible- by “asking” and how to do that, next the children get a gift certificate or gifts that enable them to have their dreams fulfilled- ie. Dancing, modeling ,acting, piano lessons.

3) A Star for the Night Foundation has done life-changing events for over 350 children to date and plan on accomplishing over 1450 more events for children in the year 2008.

4) To Date: All of the children and families have testified that their event has either changed their lives or saved the lives of the children, with written testimonials.

A Star for the Night Foundation has had celebrities participate like: Andy Garcia, Ben Stiller, Beyonce, Mandy Moore, Rick Springfield, and many more. Our nationwide radio show is now partnered with The Oakland Children’s hospital where the seriously ill children will be able to have an event from their hospital bed with the radio show scheduled once a week. This program is ready to implement ASAP. Pending funds. Over 80 children a mnth. will receive an event with this program alone.