Beijing Volunteer

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About Us


Located in the capital city of China, Beijing Volunteer (BVS) is a non profit and non government organization (NGO) which provides community development information and services in the following areas: Health, Education, Horticulture, Environment protection, Aforestation, Entrepreneurship, Agricultural projects in various parts of China. BVS's working team is consisted of local volunteers and full time employees. Local volunteers are people from all circles who donate their time, expertise and funds for the promotion, management and achievement of the organization's objectives. The full time employees take care of the daily administrational duties of the organization.

Our Objectives ¡¤ To inform people in various communities of remote and poor areas, focusing especially on women and the youth, of the causes of poverty and how to understand and protect their human and civil rights, thus supplementing Government's efforts in this field. ¡¤ To encourage tree and flower planting exercises and model nurseries of diversed plant species to combat deforestation and soil erosion. ¡¤ To identify and help the under privileged in the areas of Education, Agriculture, Health. ¡¤ To increase awareness, prevention and care information about HIV/AIDS to the target communities. ¡¤ To coach pupils and students as well as community members foreign language skills, such as oral and written English, French and German, so that they will improve their foreign language skills for a better job. And to communicate better with other nations from other parts of the world.