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About Us

Global Diversity Foundation is founded on the belief that our future depends upon us understanding, respecting and building upon our planet's great diversity. Our goal is to protect biocultural diversity and enhance socio-ecological wellbeing. We nurture action and reflection that promotes dignity for human and non-human beings by raising awareness, building resilience and fostering innovation and collaboration across scales. 

Our work contributes to the growing global movements that call attention to just and respectful ways of living and relating with each other and our environment, and moving away from the vicious cycle of unchecked globalised capitalism and violent conflict. 

At the grassroots, through our regional programmes, we support communities as they improve their livelihoods while respecting environmental processes, and make autonomous, informed decisions regarding their lands, resources and futures. At the global scale, we strengthen the knowledge, networking and communication skills of emerging environmental changemakers through the Global Environments Summer Academy and the Global Environments Network.