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About Us

At Samasource we believe that work is at the core of human dignity and that it is also the most powerful way to end global poverty. Our approach is twofold: we give work to people through our Samasource program, and we prepare people to get work through our Samaschool program. Both of these programs are industry-leading, technology-driven models for social change.

Established in 2008, Samasource is a non-profit business that connects marginalized women and youth to dignified work via the Internet. We move people out of poverty by providing work that pays a sustainable, living wage in places with high rates of unemployment, including slums and rural communities in East Africa, South Asia, and the Americas.

Established in 2013, Samaschool provides digital skills and job readiness training enabling low-income Americans to gain skills that generate measurable income growth in the Internet-based freelance economy, creating hope and a path out of poverty.

To date, Samasource has changed the lives of 

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