Love Justice International

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About Us

Love Justice International[1] (LJI) is a Christian anti-trafficking NGO that has worked in Nepal for the past ten years, and in the past few years, has expanded to Bangladesh, India, and South Africa. We use a counter-trafficking strategy called transit monitoring, where our trained staff monitors transit areas (borders, bus stations, and airports) to identify potential trafficking victims and assists them with repatriation and procuring aftercare. In interviewing the victims, we collect intelligence to assist local police with criminal investigations and arrests of the perpetrators. We also follow up with each legal case filed to ensure speedy and fair prosecutions.

Through this strategy, we are able to stop trafficking before victims reach the destination where they are exploited, and to collect intelligence to go after criminal networks. We partner with local churches in all our work. We have intercepted and assisted over 12,000 individuals who were being trafficked or at high-risk of being trafficked, and have helped convict over 50 traffickers in the last four years. For more information, please see LJI’s website:

[1] Formerly “Tiny Hands International.”