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About Us

We perform poetry, essays and other writings from prisoners all over the US at open mics in the NYC area. We want the general public to know that the vast majority of people behind bars are intelligent, caring, creative human beings who do not deserve to be dehumanized -- demonized -- because they have made mistakes in life. Almost all of our contributors have horrific life stories. We know that is not an excuse for what they have done, but it does help to understand, and may give a clue in helping them avoid future difficulties.

In addition to presenting our contributors' amazing creative works to audiences at open mics, we produce a periodic newsletter for them. The newsletters contain edu-taining articles, stories and poems as well as useful information in the hope of bringing some light into the dark prison cells. We also plan to publish contributions in book form, and we are in process of developing a website. We encourage loved ones of prisoners to be a strong support and remain in their lives while they do their time.