Peleliu War Historical Society, Inc.

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9201 N. Sun Valley Dr.

United States

About Us

Protection and conservation of the WWII battlefield on Peleliu, a U.S. National Historic Landmark, while working with local residents. We work to achieve a better future for the island while honoring those who participated in the Peleliu battle. The Society will strive to protect and preserve the Peleliu battlefield, promote greater public recognition and integrate these efforts into the island’s economy.

Values The Society’s core values are to honor veterans of the Peleliu battle and their families, to respect the local land owners and citizens of Peleliu, and respect the Peleliu National Historic Landmark designation.

Objectives The Society’s objectives include the preservation, restoration and conservation of sites comprising the battle of Peleliu, the battlefield monuments and memorials, the island’s museum, promotion of the National Historic Landmark designation and mutually benefiting the island’s economy.