Women Business Development Center


AA-2-402 Hardin ng Rosas, UP Campus, Diliman
Quezon City


About Us

The Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) is envisioned to achieve the following objectives:

· To identify women individuals in depressed communities in Metro Manila as well as in the provinces with the necessary entrepreneurial potentials to start and manage their own small-scale businesses.

· To provide the necessary assistance to these women individuals in the areas of training on entrepreneurial competency development, finance, extension, service and information in order to maximize these individuals’ chances of success.

· To stimulate interest and awareness in society on the socio-economic needs of the Filipino and the important role that entrepreneurship development plays in seeking to meet these needs.

· To be able to reach out to local government units (LGU) all over the country and be able to provide same services to the marginalized sectors of these cities, municipalities, and provinces.