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About Us

The Hydrocephalus Association provides support, education and advocacy for families and professionals dealing with the complex issues of hydrocephalus. In alignment with our mission, we serve our community of over 14,000 families, friends, doctors and nurses in the following ways: through toll-free phone number we provide one-to-one personal support; we send free educational materials to anyone who inquires; our quarterly print newsletter and monthly enewsletter aims to keep our community informed about the range of what it means to live with this condition; we call on the expertise of our Medical Advisory Board to offer perspective on difficult questions for patients and their families; through our directories we help people find qualified medical professionals near where they live; we award yearly scholarships to help young adults living with hydrocephalus pursue higher education; we give an annual research prize to encourage and reward new and exciting research in hydrocephalus; through in-service trainings we educate health-care professionals; and, every other year we host a two-day National Conference on Hydrocephalus where families and professionals come together to share wisdom and inspiration. The Association was founded in 1983, incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) in 1986, is governed by a Board of Directors, is supported by a Medical Advisory Board, and employs a staff of twelve.