Brown Hope

  • Oregon


PO Box 6807
United States

About Us

Brown Hope is a community solution for racial justice. Our nonprofit helps society by engaging Oregonians through cultural, educational, and community projects. Our projects include:

The People’s Assembly

A leadership program where Black, Brown, and Indigenous leaders are invested in financially and use consensus decision making to empower others and guide the organization’s mission, culture, and strategy.

Reparations Power Hour

A monthly space for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people to build community, heal from the impacts of racism, and raise awareness about the potential of reparations-based activism.

Blackstreet Bakery

An economic development program featuring a vegan pop-up bakery with a mission to honor the Portland Black community's historic presence on Mississippi Avenue.

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Through people-centered leadership, we provide an alternative message to despair. Brown Hope is a powerful reminder that to be Black, Brown, and Indigenous– is to be beautiful, caring, and resilient.

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