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About Us is a free website that connects land owners with gardeners and farmers. It is simplest to understand as a matchmaking site for landowners and gardeners to connect and share the benefits of the use of land. Land owners share their land with someone they trust and in return get free fruits, vegetables and flowers. Gardeners and farmers get free access to land and the opportunity to grow what they love. The produce is shared between the two parties as they see fit. The result is a more efficient use of land and a greener more sustainable culture and planet.

Community gardens exist in every major city in the United States, yet virtually all have waiting lists. With over 15 million square feet of shared space on the system already, has created an alternative with the largest community of private land owners and gardeners on the planet. The type of land that is listed on the site is wide in scope, including side yards, backyards, open space surrounding big commercial buildings, as well as farmland.