Dreams For Life

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About Us

Background information:

Dreams for Life Company Limited are a non-profitable company registered by the Tanzanian Registrar of Companies 30th of October 2009, and the register book of CBO’s/NGO’S with number MJ/MDC/1207/2010.

Main reasons to register a non-profit company are many, but mainly ease of control and monitoring, and sustainability. Part of the operations is to be self-sufficient regarding funds, and developing of income generating projects is vital.

Our main objective is to benefit children and others in need of education by providing for fees and other expenses regarding education. Education is a cost in Tanzania, and for some people it’s impossible to obtain.

The targeted group is children from poor families, orphans, single and young mothers, HIV/AIDS victims and other young individuals that have lost their ability to acquire basic education due to poverty and sickness.

 For those who fall outside the regular school-system, Dreams For Life provide vocational education such as: Welding courses, plumbing courses, carpenter courses, motor vehicle mechanics courses, tailoring courses, computer literacy courses and more…

Dreams For Life are also engaged in community development in several areas. Water and irrigation projects, re-forestation, small enterprise development, provision of food, and health care projects, micro-financing…