Forest Guild

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2019 Galisteo Street
Suite N7
Santa Fe
United States

About Us

The Guild engages in education, training, policy analysis, research, and advocacy to foster excellence in forest conservation and management. The Forest Guild is a national membership organization of foresters and allied natural resource professionals dedicated to practicing and promoting ecologically-based forestry. The Guild has a membership of more than 600 individuals who collectively manage over 40 million acres of forest land in the United States and Canada. These members include professional foresters who work for private forestry companies, public natural resource management agencies, and private consulting firms. In addition to professional foresters, the Guild welcomes members from related disciplines such as wildlife management and public policy. Landowners dedicated to stewardship of their forest lands and students in forestry and natural resource programs are also integral members of the organization.

The Guild’s members share a commitment to the organization’s mission of promoting forestry that sustains both natural and human communities. Since its founding in 1995, the organization has been based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, while maintaining a national presence through regional staff and volunteers. Currently, the Guild has a regional office in Maine and volunteer coordinators in 13 states representing nearly all major forest regions of the country.