Your Strength to Heal

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Elm Street
San Mateo
United States

About Us

Our mission at Your Strength to Heal is to provide a safe and nurturing outpatient/inpatient treatment center for women dealing with trauma-related conditions such as physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual abuse, PTSD and addiction. We intend to provide valuable information, referrals, support and education for survivors and the professional community. Furthermore, our goal is to restore women to a life of dignity, respect and self-worth and to invite women of all financial levels to our services.


At present, there are no residential non-profit treatment centers for trauma-specific disorders in the San Francisco Bay area, particularly for those who cannot afford treatment.

Your Strength to Heal will have trained trauma therapists on staff, including individual and group counseling by visiting trauma therapists and spiritual counselors, visits by psychiatrists, doctors, holistic healers and life skill coaches . Alumni or volunteers will volunteer their time to help operate the facility and offer a loving presence to the residents.

Because there is a strong connection between body, mind and spirit, there will be emphasis on such healing modalities as EMDR, somatic work, bodywork, talk therapy, group therapy and acupuncture.

Many trauma survivors suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, migraines, panic attacks, depression, chronic headaches and fatigue and are unable to work and on disability. It is hoped with the use of these healing modalities t he survivor will heal and eventually become an empowered individual with deep compassion for oneself and others, and a functioning member of society.

Weekly programs such as self-care, life skills, parenting, grief, loss, and forgiveness will be given, as well as educating the survivor on addiction and trauma, anger and rage management, building relationships with oneself and others. We will also be giving meditation and exercise classes.

This facility will be situated on a quiet piece of land close to the ocean or forest where survivors can nurture themselves through gardening, nature walks and outdoor activities.

In the long term, this treatment facility will be a prototype for many similar facilities throughout the US and the world in providing treatment for survivors of trauma-related conditions and to instill hope and inspiration for women to become successful, productive and healthy members of society.