Agape Community, Inc.

  • MA


2062 Greenwich Rd
United States

About Us

Agape Community, Inc., located on 32 acres of land in Central Massachusetts, is an educational, charitable and religious nonprofit organization committed to sustainable living and an engaged practice of nonviolence.

Interns throughout the years have been an integral part of the ecological or "green" aspects of the community, cultivating, planting and harvesting in the organic garden. They’ve also helped in building and maintaining buildings, which include a straw bale house, named Brigid House, with solar energy, a compost toilet and wood cook stove. Wood splitting, gathering and stacking are part of the community rhythms as well as filtering vegetable oil for our automobile that runs on grease from a local restaurant.

Nonviolence is the philosophy of the community, which underscores our relationships with each other as well as our practice of conflict resolution and daily activities. Our belief in nonviolence takes us into the realm of social activism and work with the poor. Individuals who come to Agape will have the opportunity to learn, study and join in discussions about nonviolence and peacemaking.

Interns learn by working in the organic garden, cutting wood for heat, filtering grease for the vegetable oil car, help in the office to promote programs on nonviolence, Christian and interfaith, as well as simple living. Meditation and spiritual readings drawing on a variety of inspirations and sources are integral to community practice. All are welcome.