Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership

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925 Liberty Avenue
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About Us

With a history of innovative programs and initiatives to foster a welcoming, economically viable Downtown, the PDP has been on a mission since 1994.

Focusing primarily on the Golden Triangle area, we fulfill our mission by cleaning public spaces, providing safety liaison assistance, supporting improvements and marketing Downtown as the regional business and cultural center, and the premier location to live, work, shop, dine, play and visit.

We achieve our mission through partnerships with businesses, property owners and other organizations. In 1997, the PDP established a business improvement district (BID). Through the BID, property owners within the Golden Triangle agree to assess themselves to pay for services, provided by the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, that directly benefit Downtown—such as cleaning, marketing, and transportation initiatives.

Through partnerships with individuals and organizations who share a vested interest in the future of Downtown, the PDP will continue to be one of the city's strongest advocates well into the 21st century.