AMOS Health & Hope

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About Us


AMOS is a Christian non-profit organization that exists to improve the health of impoverished communities by working alongside them in health, education and development.


Through our partnerships, we seek:

  • Health for all people
  • A world where no child dies of a preventable disease
  • Effective and empowering health care


Service to Those in Need: Our vision is to provide high quality health services to people in need who lack access to adequate health care.

Respect: We serve those in need without distinctions based on gender, age, color of skin, ethnicity, religious affiliations or other beliefs.

Loving Our Neighbor: We focus on the vulnerable sectors of society in Latin America — people living in extreme poverty, especially women and children.

Empowerment for Service: We teach local leaders to identify problems according to local needs, develop solutions and implement health interventions that are beneficial for the whole community, especially those who are most vulnerable.

Stewardship: We seek sustainable and effective approaches to global health problems through partnerships with local communities, churches, governments, individuals and other organizations.

Peace and Justice: We seek a world of peace where there is health and hope for all.