Global Reconciliation Network

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About Us

The global reconciliation network is a process to bring together members of community groups, social activists, academics and others around the world working towards the broad goal of reconciliation, understood as the process of establishing communication and dialogue across the divides of nationality, religion, race and culture.

Vision and broad aim:

The global reconciliation network seeks to facilitate the process of reconciliation at both local and global levels by providing a framework within which people can explore ways of developing and extending exchanges of a cultural, educational and intellectual nature. In accordance with its underlying objectives, it will operate within a decentred, democratic framework that permits the development of autonomous cells or interest groups. Utilising direct, face to face contact and contemporary means for communication across geographical boundaries it seeks to recreate globalisation's 'human face' and formulate strategies, processes and proposals which bring the peoples of the world closer together.


  • to share knowledge and experiences
  • to extend relationships, contacts and practical skills
  • to deepen ethical reflection about social and cultural issues on a local and global scale
  • to provide support for existing projects
  • to develop joint initiatives