Partenaires Mondiaux

About Us

We organize workcamps. These workcamps are occasion for volonteers from defferent countries over the world to use their knowledge and strenght to help local communities in different works like:

-protection of environment(arranging sites and patrimonies,cleaning natural water and wells,protection fauna and flora,sensibilization of population about misdeed or danger by more cutting of trees and bushes fire, campaign against poaching,cleaning polluted places,planting trees etc)

- educate jouth,and women in rural areas

-arts:volonteers have opportunity to learn African's traditional dances and rythms,learn how to play african's traditional different drams;they make dramatic arts(theatre),daying cloth and t-shirt(which we call batik),produce ceramic,wood arts,etc

-promotion for health actions(aids,malaria, planning familial and so on)