Love & Wisdom, Inc.

  • NJ


246 North 6 Street
Prospect Park
United States

About Us

Birthing life into a dying world!

Purpose: reaching out to the needy, abuse, homeless, elderly, disabled and victims of drug abuse, drug infested environments, nursing and convalescent homes and hospitals bringing and giving of ourselves in prayer and ministering the word of God. We are commissioned and dedicated to equip people with the knowledge of how to reach their goals in life with positive training and development.

Our mission is to form unity among multicultural, multiracial women to encourage and breathe life into the dead situations in our lives. The purpose of this ministry is to encourage each other to get a closer walk with God, get out of bondage of debt, reach the goals and destiny God has for our lives and to help each other to become productive, active women who are pouring, nurturing and birthing life into a dying world.