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About Us

International Partners in Mission (IPM) is an interfaith organization established in 1974 that works across borders of faith, culture, and economic circumstance with children, women, and youth to create partnerships that build justice, peace, and hope.

IPM strives to promote an alternative, effective, and personal way to participate in projects that promote justice, peace and hope through our Immersion Experience Program and Project Partnerships. Our Immersion Experience Program offers short term travel opportunities to raise awareness about global realities, poverty, and the work of our Project Partners around the world. IPM partners and provides seed funding and technical assistance to over 60 community-based organizations in 25 countries around the world

IPM Core Principles:

• Shared Partnership where mission is a two-way street where we learn and receive more than we can teach or give. • Global Awareness that we are all part of an interconnected world community through Immersion Experience Programs and outreach activities. • Personalization where Project Partners work directly with donors and friends • Facilitation of partnerships that promote technical assistance and training, project replication, sustainability, and much more.

Immersion Experience Programs (IEP):

IEP are 7-12 day trips where participants travel to the countries of our Project Partners to learn, be present among, and share with our Project Partners and their communities. Immersion Experience Programs are staffed by one of IPM's International Staff members as well as one of IPM's Regional Coordinators from the area.

Immersion travel opportunities are open to everyone. IPM specializes in organizing immersion travel for individuals, congregations, corporations, high schools, and universities who are interested in seeing the work of IPM firsthand in Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, India, Italy, Kenya, Nepal, Nicaragua, Tanzania, and the United States.