Biosafety Alliance

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About Us

Who we are:

The Biosafety Alliance is a cross sector, multilevel and inter-ethnic alliance of individuals and organizations working together to engage in broader outreach and educational campaigns around GMOs, while promoting seed and food sovereignty. We strive to bring together strategic coalitions of diverse stakeholders to advocate for a shift from an industrial food model to a model of local resilience.

What we do:

We focus on developing deeper collaborations with diverse stakeholders ranging from activists to farmers, health workers, religious leaders, policymakers and civil society who want a healthy, socially just and environmentally sustainable community. We bring people and organizations together to share their knowledge, experiences, and we work to facilitate dialogue, foster discussion, and build coalitions and movements to develop sustainable food systems, retain community control of seeds, alleviate climate change through soil practices, reduce social inequalities and encourage citizen democracy against corporotocracy.

We work to consistently broaden networks, encourage dialogue through organized meetings and conferences and work to foster more cohesion in food and seed sovereignty movements.

We are currently focused on promoting the Seed Freedom campaign in the west coast. In collaboration with Navdanya International and global networks of people and organizations, we are currently focused on growing awareness around global seed grabs while promoting the proactive alternative that people and communities are implementing on the ground with seed networks and local economies.