Media City Ballet

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237 E. Palm Ave.
United States

About Us

Our Mission Statement

As the leading theatrical ballet company serving metropolitan Los Angeles, Media City Ballet performs captivating ballet presentations and offers engaging educational programs that nurture talent, artistic creativity and spirit while inspiring meaningful communication, interaction, and participation within our diverse community.

Our Vision – Our Dreams

Media City Ballet, encouraged and motivated by the response that our programming has received, will meet community demand by implementing a major initiative to expand our dance and educational offerings. Our expansion will be governed by our vision of the future. We will:

  1. Achieve local and national acclaim for excellence in dramatic ballet theater performance.
  1. Develop dancers, choreographers and new works celebrated across the globe.
  1. Preserve the legacy of the Ballet Russe.
  1. Produce innovation in audience development and educational programming.
  1. Achieve financial and operational goals for sustainability and growth.