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About Us

A Rare View, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 educational and crime prevention consultancy that specializes in developing programs that help break the cycle of academic failure and crime among middle school at-risk youth and juvenile offenders. The organization was founded in memory of the late Annie Pearl Brown, who was a sixth grade teacher for the Dekalb County School System in the State of Georgia.

The mission of A Rare View, Inc. is to provide community based mentoring, peer tutoring, comprehensive multimedia training and career exploration services to enhance the academic, behavioral and social skills of middle school students who have low academic performance, school behavioral intervention plans, lack specific athletic abilities, or possess poor social skills. Our holistic approach and belief that strong communities build strong families have committed the company to four core values that define the basis of our programs: 1) education 2) community 3) intervention and 4) responsibility.

According to the Alliance for Excellent Education, more than 56,000 students didn’t graduate for Georgia’s high schools in 2004, costing the State more than $14 billion in lost wages, taxes, and productivity over their lifetimes. Furthermore, they report 31% of Georgia’s 8th graders are at risk of not graduating from high school because they will not read well enough to understand the material in their textbooks or complete their assignments. According to a Children’s Defense Fund 2003 report, Georgia has a 40% school dropout rate. In addition, Georgia has the sixth highest incarceration rate in the Nation. How can A Rare View help?

Our new program Educating Kids Innovatively Network is uniquely designed to assist cross-cultural students between the ages of four and eighteen achieve academic and social success. A series of personal development activities are accomplished by utilizing the extraordinary skills and resources of the Metropolitan Atlanta celebrity, media and business community. Our philosophy of each one teaches one enables each student to learn by helping another student. The results are enhanced self-esteem, individual and group respect and strong leadership skills. Integrity Plus motivates each student to function more effectively and efficiently within his or her home, educational and community environments.