Center for Humanistic Change

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About Us

Educating the Whole Person --Head, Heart, and Hands

CHC is dedicated to the philosophy that people learn best by doing. We are grounded in the humanistic approach to education, which means we believe that learning is most effective when it engages the whole person--head, heart, and hands.

Our programs focus on helping people of all ages learn to make healthy decisions and increase their resiliency for managing change and life's challenges. Our educational philosophy has its roots in four major disciplines:

  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Group Dynamics
  • Drug & Alcohol Prevention Education

CHC's holistic, humanistic approach to education engages the whole person. We strive to help people develop their mental, emotional, and behavioral abilities to the fullest. CHC programs are dynamic--our participants learn through discussions, role-plays, art and writing projects, and other activities.

Humanistic education emphasizes the link between what is learned and how it applies to daily life. "Humanistic change" is the process of developing our personal assets and strengths, and using them to make conscious, responsible choices in our lives.