Children's Hospital Association

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About Us

The Children's Hospital Association leverages the advocacy strength, analytic capabilities, scientific rigor and business acumen of the former NACHRI, N.A.C.H. and CHCA organizations on behalf of our member hospitals and the children they serve.

Representing more than 220 children's hospitals, the Association champions public policies that enable hospitals to better serve children and is the premier resource for pediatric data and analytics, driving improved clinical and operational performance of our member hospitals.

Our new Association will contribute significant and positive impacts on behalf of our membership, providing leadership in:

  • The legislative process by providing solutions to the nation's health care challenges and securing support for advancing health care, education and research impacting child health. We will be relentless advocates for child health and the unique roles played by our children's hospitals.
  • Defining quality of care for children and relating it to improved cost effectiveness and economic benefit. We will be the "go to" resource for legislators and policy experts at the federal and state levels, seeking solutions and guidance on how best to support children's health.
  • Facilitating the development of improved business results for our members, pooling collective expertise and collaborating on new models to enhance revenues and reduce costs. We will be among the best available resources in the world for our members seeking new business models and comparative information.

For members and Association partners, the uniting of these organizations brings strength and solidarity to the voice for children's hospitals. We are excited about our future and the impact we will collectively have on the health of children.

The Children's Hospital Association maintains offices in Alexandria, VA, and Overland Park, KS.