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About Us

In 1982, Roshi Bernard Tetsugen Glassman founded Greyston Bakery as a means to employ a handful of his Zen students. As the Bakery grew, Glassman and his wife, Greyston co-founder Sensei Sandra Jishu Holmes, expanded its mission to include providing jobs to residents of the neighboring inner city area. These individuals were deemed "hard to employ" due to a lack of education and skills and histories of homelessness, drug addiction and incarceration.

Greyston has since evolved into a Yonkers-based community development organization serving the economically disenfranchised. Programs include:

  • supportive affordable housing
  • workforce development
  • community gardens
  • NAYCE-accredited child care
  • youth entrepreneurship programming
  • HIV-related healthcare

Greyston's mission is to help people visualize and realize their path to self-sufficiency. From the beginning Greyston recognized that housing, job opportunities and a sense of community need to co-exist in order for individuals and families to break the cycle of poverty.

Latest Listings

Teacher for Introduction to Culinary Arts, PT, Temporary, 10 weeks 01/14 – 03/21/2019 (Job)

Executive Chief Assistant to CEO (Job)