Mabarrat Um Al Hussein

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About Us


Mabarrat Um Al-Hussein was established in 1958, by her late Majesty Queen Zein Al Sharaf, as a learning and care institution for boys living in hardship. The Mabarrat is located in Marka Shamaliyeh, a densely populated, low income area of north Amman. Over the years, generations of boys from urban and rural backgrounds, have grown up at the Mabarrat and come to think of it as home. Many of the boys at the Mabarrat are orphans, or come from broken homes and impoverished families.


Acting in the best interest of each child can often mean, when possible, reuniting him with his parents and extended family, or at least strengthening relations and facilitating contact. Finding family-based solutions is a top priority. The Mabarrat helps many families deal with the complex psychological, social and financial challenges that they face in order to repair the family unit when possible, or to at least improve the situation. This in turn brings profound benefits, not only to the boys themselves, but also to their families and communities.


Our mission is to provide a safe environment for children at risk, empower them to depend upon themselves, and prepare them for a social life, as well as encuorage participation in rehabilitation of the children and their families. Additionally, if it is possible, we seek to reintegrate the children into within their families. Finally, we work with the local community to address their needs.


1) Prepare the children for a practical and social life, preserve them from delinquency and crime.

2) Networking with all sectors that are related and that have connections with child care and welfare services, and empower families in order to develop communities.

3) Participating in preserving family ties

4) Having a modern system for the Mabarra and documenting its work with transparency


At the Mabarrat, boys are given the kind of educational opportunities and skills that they will need in later life. The Mabarrat children also have the chance to form friendships and relationships of trust in a safe environment which helps them to thrive and develop. The type of care offered at the Mabarrat would not be possible were it not for the generous support given over the years by the community of numerous local and international organizations and individuals. Today, the Mabarrat is a unique institution which provides a wide range of personal career development opportunities, as well as a range of community and family support services.


Recognizing how important it is to also address the needs of girls within local communities, the Mabarrat launched a program specifically targeting at risk girls, between the ages 15 and 24. The goal of this initiative is to give girls the skills and knowledge that they need to help them overcome the man social and economical challenges that they face, which in turn make them vulnerable. At risk girls may encounter domestic violence and abuse, and may be forces into very early marriages. Training and advisory services improve employability and increase confidence, expanding choices and improving their living conditions.


The Mabarrat Um Al-Hussein is located in Marqa Shamaliyeh on King Abdullah The 1st St. It is a short distance from the famous Raghadan Bus Station in Amman. Simply continue straight after the traffic circle at the entrance to the Amman Civil Airport and look for us on your right.