Project Change The World

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About Us

Project Change The World is a mega movement of kindness asking the people of the world to unite together with one common purpose, "To carry one another, rather than destroy each other." The social movement focuses on inspiring others to give back to the community and make a positive impact on the world based upon what they are capable of and passionate about on a regular basis. There are many ways to join the kindness movement such as taking a personal pledge to volunteer at the local soup kitchen once a month or donate $20 a month to your favorite charity. Perhaps, you'd like to join an existing supportive initiative of the movement which can be found on the official website: Maybe you want to start your own "The World Changers" team which are a group of like-minded people that meet together and plan ways to actively carry out the mega movement. The World Changers of Charlotte, NC are the first "do-good" team of volunteers that focus on helping others and raising awareness of the worldy needs. We do things such as assisting nonprofits, attending annual walks, collecting donations, and putting on our own events! If you are interested in joining The World Changers of Charlotte or starting your own initiative, please contact us at:

Thank you for your kindness!