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About Us

The Future Leaders Foundation, Inc, a 501(c)(3) IRS tax-exempt organization, (FLF) sponsors the Fortis Society. The Fortis Society is the first elite world network based exclusively on merit. Its Members are highly successful, charismatic, and ambitious leaders throughout the planet. They are related through their challenging upbringing, and united by their strong ethics and altruism. All Members have pledged to support each other’s ambition and to impact the world by contributing their acquired power and wealth to influence positive socioeconomic change. The unwavering support among Members of the Fortis Society enables them to become the great compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

Each year, the Foundation also awards the Future Global Leaders Fellowship to 20 of the world’s most promising first-generation college students. This internationally competitive 3-year program grooms Fellows for top success and prepares them for their induction into the Fortis Society.