Christian Concern For the Education of the Batwa and Rural child of Uganda

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About Us

Established in 2007, Global Batwa Outreach is committed to working with communities in Uganda to overcome poverty and improve standards of living (including health) through economic development, and education. Since 2007, GBO has successfully implemented its programs Kabale District of Uganda: Mission/Vision/History of Organization:

Global Batwa Outreach is located in the south western part of Uganda, in Kabale District. Until recently, Global Batwa Outreach was called Christian Concern for The Education of The Batwa and Rural Child of Uganda. The organisation was born out of the Desire to help and integrate the ethnic minority of the Batwa formerly called the pygmies with the broader society. There is an estimated 60,000 Batwa population in Uganda, of which an estimated, according to Government statstics, 35000 live in Kabale

Our vision: Uganda and the world without cultural prejudice, with knowledge,education,basic necessities of life such as clean water,shelter,human rights, food and health services being accessed freely by all people..

Our mission: To provide alternative ways in sustainable livelihood and provide a means to overcome socio-economic challenges affecting the poor

Our underlying belief is that people will benefit more in the long-term by being given the opportunity to help themselves and not simply by the donation of aid. Our primary aim is to give people in need the initial means, knowledge and skills and to encourage them to develop through their own efforts.