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About Us

Global Citizenship through Arts and Education With a focus on the media and performing arts, One World Arts programs are designed to engage citizens of all ages. We believe that the arts are a powerful and effective way of educating, inspiring, mobilizing, and bringing together citizens on issues of global justice and environmental sustainability.

One World Arts (formerly World Inter-Action Mondiale – WIAM) is a volunteer-based, charitable organization, founded in 1972. One World Arts Objectives

  • Design and deliver arts and education programs that will further awareness on local and world issues
  • Work in partnership with Canadian artists and arts organizations creating and presenting works on global issues
  • Unite diverse audiences and communities through the arts
  • Provide a public forum for discussion, debate and critical analysis of the links between local and world communities
  • Support artists, individuals and organizations working on human rights, social justice and environmental issues at home and abroad
  • Instill the belief that all citizens can contribute to positive societal change Oe World Arts Programs • One World Film Festival: Each year since 1989, the Film Festival has presented thought-provoking documentary films on global issues to audiences in Ottawa-Gatineau. The most recent Festival (November 2010) attracted over 600 people and featured discussions with filmmakers and several local non-governmental organizations.
  • One World Awesome Arts Program and Festival: Ottawa-based artists provide hands-on arts workshops to at-risk youth in Lowertown. The youth’s work is presented at a community Festival.
  • One World Radio: Weekly interviews on CKCU FM with Ottawa-Gatineau citizens involved in international development and justice issues.
  • Reel Food Film Festival: In partnership with Just Food and USC, the RFFF presents documentary films about food security and agricultural issues are presented bi-annually at the Ottawa Public Library.