ReNEW Charter Management Organization

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3128 Constance Street
New Orleans
United States

About Us

Mission: To provide students within low-performing schools an academically rigorous, college prep education.

Vision: To turnaround low-performing open admission public schools where the majority of the children have been academically left behind into high-performing open admission public schools where all children are on or above appropriate academic grade levels.


  • ReNEW CMO will turnaround two low-performing district-run schools into high-performing, rigorous college prep schools. ReNEW will manage Batiste Cultural Arts Academy at Live Oak Elementary and SciTech Academy at Laurel Elementary in 2010-2011.


  • An organization that the LBESE, RSD, and the LDOE can rely upon to turnaround or convert entire low-performing schools into rigorous, college prep high-performing schools
  • The opportunity to transform the lowest performing schools in New Orleans so within 2 to 3 years there will be no academically unacceptable schools left within the New Orleans system
  • The advantage of extra funding of $850,000 given to new charters
  • The opportunity to replicate a proven model that worked at KIPP: McDonogh 15
  • The possibility of taking advantage of President Obama’s new policies and funding for the “Race to the Top” turnaround of the lowest performing schools within our system In addition to turnarounds, ReNEW will assist district-run schools with conversion to charter


  • BESE, RSD and the LDOE have assigned the lowest-performing schools to ReNEW for turnaround


  • The access to Human Resource policies which allow schools to make staffing decisions based upon the specific needs of the students
  • The ability to make financial decisions based upon the specific needs of the schools
  • Governed by a diverse, local, nonprofit board
  • Already given a $450,000+ grant in July 2009 for a planning year to prepare for school turnarounds