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About Us

MyChild’sCancer (MCC) is an international nonprofit established in 2010 with active branches in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, and Israel. The organization was founded by Oded Grinstein following his daughter’s diagnosis with a rare sarcoma and the long, difficult journey to save her. Oded struggled to find critical information about the cancer that nearly took his daughter’s life. When she recovered, he vowed to help other parents find life-saving information about their child’s diagnosis and treatment options. 

Although cancer in children is rare, sadly it is still a leading cause of death by disease among children in Israel and United States. In Israel alone over 500 children a year are diagnosed with cancer with 1400 more undergoing treatment. In the US, over 15,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. When children are diagnosed with cancer, there is a lot their parents can do, however very little information and clear guidance is readily available. Parents face both logistical challenges and immense gaps in knowledge at a time of great distress.

MCC’s volunteers and staff include medical researchers and oncologists with a deep understanding of pediatric cancers, and access to information on treatments, procedures, clinical trials, new drugs, and specialists. 

MCC provides personalized, situational research into treatment options and other critical support services like relocation and translation assistance to primarily Jewish and Israeli families battling this terrible disease. Our work empowers families to be proactive about the treatment course for their child's cancer and this significantly improves their child’s chances of survival.