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About Us

Social Innovation Advocates (SIA) is an international start- up nonprofit organization made up of young social activists, entrepreneurs, artists, and nonprofit leaders who believe a more just, democratic, and peaceful social order is on its way. Advances in communication technology have enabled concerned citizens from across the globe to organize and learn from each other like never before to solve humanity’s most challenging problems.

Social Innovation Advocates inspires, ignites, and nurtures grassroots social innovation to help end the cycle of poverty and transform marginalized communities. People trapped in the cycle of poverty are often the least included stakeholders in the institutions and systems set up to help them, leading to misinformed and unsustainable interventions. In order to reverse this trend, SIA responds to the needs of young social innovators and nonprofit organizations that are already creating social progress in their communities and unlocks their potential to catalyze change. By providing tools, support, and trainings to fill knowledge and skill gaps, SIA enables them to overcome barriers so they can confidently and successfully advance their own projects, organizations, and social enterprises. SIA also provides a platform for social sector stakeholders to increase communication, build local capacities, and create movements to maximize their collective impact.