The YES Center

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Group 5, Street 22
Wat Bo
Siem Reap


About Us

The Youth Employment Service (YES) Center is social enterprise based in Siem Reap, founded by an Italian NGO and brought to life by our experienced and dedicated Cambodian staff.

We offer support services and training to empower youth, enhance employability & encourage them to fulfil their potential. We provide training services for employers (businesses, NGO’s, social enterprises) to develop staff and work environment, improve services and productivity, and fulfil their mission.

Our Center is a space where youth can come to learn more about the world of work, access training and development to enhance their employability (CV writing, cover letters, interview prep, etc), talk through their career planning and find out about specific job opportunities. It’s bright, colourful and welcoming. Often there’s music playing, sometime games, sometimes we’re busy planning our next social activity or community event.

The YES Center draws on it’s years of training experience and knowledge of the local youth labour market to offer unique training packages to local business, NGOs and social enterprise. We provide staff development and experiences that create better work environment, improve customer interaction and lead to improved bottom line and employee happiness. We use our expertise and experience to co-create tailored training programmes that will suit your business needs and employee learning styles.

To provide a youth friendly facility where female and male youth in Siem Reap province, including those with disabilities, can access high quality, relevant information and a range of appropriate support services that will help them enhance their employability and increase their economic opportunities. Gender sensitivity, equality and inclusiveness will be promoted throughout all related activities. The Youth Centre will be independent of any political affiliation and will be run on the principles of a non-profit social enterprise, in order to reduce donor dependency and achieve financial sustainability.