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About Us

WorldLink designs media, education, and civic engagement programs that encourage individuals and groups to actively participate in creating a sustainable future.

Founded in 1989, WorldLink is dedicated to making innovative global education programs available to communities, schools, and individuals worldwide. The organization provides teacher training services, develops curriculum-based programs, and offers channels for youth to discover solutions to global and local problems.

From 1990-1992, WorldLink developed the EnvironmentBridge Program, which connected pilot schools in Brazil and the United States. In 1991, WorldLink produced Spaceship Earth, a program on the global environment. From 1992-1996, WorldLink convened three global youth summits, bringing together youth leaders from over 50 nations. Other programs include global citizen workshops for K-12 teachers and a web-based curriculum program for secondary school teachers and students, called Virtual Expeditions.

WorldLink produced the PBS specials Power Shift: Energy + Sustainability (, which focuses on renewable energy, and Nourish: Food + Community (, which explores sustainable food choices. These programs are supported by educational initiatives to encourage school and community engagement.

Nourish and Power Shift are the two first two installments in a multi-part series on the global community. Learn more at