ANAK Help to Indonesian Children

About Us

Since 2003 ANAK Charity Foundation help poor children in Bali to be educated through sponsorships in the north and north-east of the island.

Few years ago we opened our first small centre in the eastern part of the island in Amed. Recently in january 09 we opened a new larger Centre in the north part of Bali in Pakisan (Buleleng area). This centre gives english, computer, theatre, dance and weaving lessons. A large library is available for the children of the nearby villages and our regular medical check-ups take place there.

our website is (click on British flag for english version) or

Vision and Mission: Our foundation was established in January 2003 for charity, humanitarian and cultural activities without political and religious concerns. Anak envisions a nation where all children will have access to quality education that they might have a decent human life and prepare them for a better future. It is also a dynamic, responsive and capable educational support institution and human development organization committed to develop and sustain programmes and services that will empower socially and economically disadvantaged children, youth, families and communities.

Who are we? -European volunteer friends having strong links and relationships with “Indonesia” for many years; -As well as many Balinese friends working and cooperating with us.

Goals -To help and support the education of children in need from very poor families through a system of “Godparent” sponsoring the annual cost for his/her Godchild.

- To participate in initiatives and efforts toward ensuring access to quality basic education;

-To enable families to support and maintain their children in school;

- To participate in action projects such as purchasing school needs, books, renovating school facilities, improving and helping with health and hygiene concerns;

-To organize and develop functional children’s and people’s organizations for them to effectively manage and sustain their own programmes/projects; -All these actions and activities are done with the help and advice from our Indonesian friends to act properly in accordance with Indonesian customs and regulations. -To create a link between European and Indonesian children through a correspondence and mail exchange, to share their culture and art with different school and organizations.

-Schools have been renovated and equipped -Families have been encouraged and helped to keep their children attending school - Centres opened in Lean (Amed area) and new Centre opened in Pakisan (Buleleng area) in the North - Regular medical check-ups

Single actions like;

-Support the Tsunami children in North Sumatra -Water projects for the urgent needs in the mountains of Lean/Amed

How do we work ?

-We organize events, meetings and projects to present our association to get new Godparents and funds. -Donations for our health and water programs -Year after year we have progressed, thanks to our direct links with our Balinese friends, our local “Association”, benefactors and the excellent encouragement of local and national authorities to co-ordinate our requests and tasks. We have branches in France, Spain & Switzerland plus our office in Ubud (Bali).