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About Us

inCompass Human-Centered Innovation Lab is both iDE’s in-house innovation lab and a non-profit HCD consultancy that pioneers and advocates Human-Centered Innovation to design products and services for the developing world.  inCompass works with iDE Country Programs across the globe along with external clients to provide HCD support and consulting to design products, services, marketing strategies, markets, and systems; in fact, most projects combine several of these elements in order to deliver a holistic and sustainable solution.  And whenever possible aims to seed a culture of Human-Centered Design to their partners’ organizations and their employees.   inCompass was founded in 2011 at iDE Cambodia where the Lab continues to be based.  inCompass’ designers and researchers live and work in the field as do the other HCD practitioners throughout other iDE Country Programs.  inCompass has worked on a range of topics including: water access (households & schools), hygiene, sanitation, waste management, rural electrification, sustainability, agriculture, irrigation, and micro-entrepreneurship.  To date, inCompass has worked in Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Ethiopia, Zambia and Ghana. Partners and clients include: philanthropic funders, non-government organizations, multi-lateral and bi-lateral agencies, and companies focused on serving developing world markets.