New York Qin Society

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56 Bayley Ave.
United States

About Us

The New York Qin Society has been in existence since early 2000. It brings together members for meetings, public presentations, and travels to other qin societies and conferences. Playing qin music is only one of a wide variety of qin-related activities that NYQS sponsors. Our members also include experts in Chinese philosophy, Buddhism, Chinese calligraphy, Tang and Togaku instrumental music, and musical composition. Because of this diverse background, besides qin playing, our performances often include the harp, guitar, xiao, guzheng and presentations on the qin with painting, calligraphy;, singing; tai-ji, Buddhism, Tang music, contemporary Western music, Chinese popular music, and the electric qin. An important goal of the NYQS is to introduce and share the beauty of the music and culture of the qin to a wider public audience. Each year, the Society organizes two different types of meetings. One is small and informal, the other is large and public, usually being either a concert or a workshop.