Pertubuhan Kebajikan Mesra Rawang Selangor

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11, Jalan Desa 4/7,
Bandar Country Homes

About Us

We are a local NGO wanting to launch a community project “FREE EDUCATION FOR THE UNDERPRIVILEGED”. The first project will be a Free Tuition Centre and it will operate from a shophouse at phase 9 (2-2A, Jalan Desa 9/5) Bandar Country Homes, Rawang Selangor. Renovation and refurbishment of the shophouse has already begun with assistance from Bethesda House (A mission home for children). We are hoping that this Project might be of interest to you. We believe it is also the State Government's intention to help it's poorer subjects in the state.

The objective of the Project is to provide free tuition, a community library cum resource centre and one stop centre to help those in need and assistance in education. The children in community require a library and computer learning centre in order to encourage reading among young children and students.

Through this initiative, the Project will benefit the Country Homes community by reducing illiteracy among young people and helping them to avoid the corrupted culture that is now prevalent in society everywhere. There will also be opportunities for leadership training. This educational initiative is too important to ignore.

Free tuition is one of the programs provided for primary and secondary students for all races. Students will be guided with their homework, revision, reading and other educational activities. Volunteer teachers will be part of this program to help the students.

We seek to transform the community's educational mindsets to effectively improve the social and economic outcomes for all children. We believe that access to opportunities to better education is a right for all children regardless of their background. A high or greater interest in quality education to building successful children is an essential attribute of a progressive and developed community.