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About Us

Founded in July 30 2000, SOS Education is a nonprofit association based in Kpalime, Togo. Its objectives are:

-To practice a philosophy of education that aims to transform the individual into a responsible citizen of society

-To promote girl's education in a rural setting

-The construction of libraries and resource centers

-The contruction of training centers for illiterate women and neglected children.


The establishment of a micro-finance center to help rural young girls and women in financial trouble.

The construction of a lower and middle school named 'Martin Luther King Jr'. The school is the only in Kpalime to offer free computer classes and currently has an enrollment of 75 students. We are in the process of establishing relationships with other schools in Africa, Europe and America.

The production of a weekly call-in radio show called 'Intersection of the Youth' that addresses such topics as: AIDS/HIV, children and their relations with their parents, civil education, how to conduct small business initiatives, etc.

The organization of campaigns promoting the education of girls and the protection of women's rights.