Youth Action for Sustainable Development (YASUD)

About Us

- Put youths, particularly the less privileged female and single mother at the center of its actions. - To bring about sustainable Agricultural development to the youths and the community as a whole. - To promote the respect and practice of human rights - To promote the practice of beekeeping as a means of alleviating poverty - To bring to the people education in all it forms, especially through information technology (IT) - To fight unemployment amongst the youth through basic skills training - To be at the head of environmental protection and the promotion of agro-forestry, through the planting of trees, waste management and pollution controls - To enhance generally the aspect of rural development, with great interest in gender equality - Act in full transparency and in respect of quality norms and good governance, be it in the realization of activities as well as in the management of resources for proper implementation. - Ignore corruption, tribalism and discrimination in all its public and private life. - Keep and maintain its integrity from the influence and action of political parties, ethnic groups, religious bodies, government and non governmental institutions whose ideas may not be in line with its objectives.


- Use approaches of partnership with developmental bodies, advocacy and lobbying as means to influence national policies and practices which should guarantee the same and equal rights, opportunities to everyone, the less privileged female and single mother inclusive. - Carry out targeted analysis notably through survey, research, inquiries and opinion polling, as tools to enable us understand the significant problems the young people, particularly the less privileged female and single mother face. - Information, sensitization, explanation and training as mobilizing community tools to get to expected changes. - YASUDO shall seek the support of the population in general; that of youths ; the less privileged female and single mother in particular. It shall also seek alliance and good will partnership to act together and benefit from their support and in various forms, keeping always in mind our constant concern of action in conformity with our above stated mission.