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Pip Start was founded with a purpose of nurturing the seed of God’s purpose in youth, families and the community through vehicles of education and service. Founded in June of 2002 in Austin, TX, Pip Start is actually a merger of two 501c3 non-profit organizations – MOVES and Praise In the Park (PIP) Ministries. MOVES was founded in 1995 with a purpose of motivating and developing teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving skills in youth to enable them to excel in engineering. PIP Ministries was founded in 1999, with a purpose to celebrate, support, and encourage God-given purpose, gifts, and talents in youth. The merging of these two entities into Pip Start allows us to uniquely use established venues to seed and water the growth of God’s character in children and youth as well as the ability to teach life skills and academics for fruitfulness in God’s purpose.

Both MOVES and PIP Ministries have already made impact on the Austin community as well as youth across the country. MOVES has worked with students in school systems in Phoenix, St. Louis, Houston, and Austin in addition to working with the Arizona Museum of Science, the National Society of Black Engineers, YMCA groups, church youth groups, and scout troops. The organization has presented an average of 100 plus programs yearly to young people in more than 50 educational and community organizations in Texas, Arizona, and Missouri. Projects such as building a chair out of tape and paper to hold the lightest member of a project team or learning how to build a motor out of batteries and wire teach the fundamentals of experimental design in the areas of chemical, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Feedback from teachers and students alike has been positive. Students have made comments such as “thanks for...opening our eyes to different projects” and “thanks for helping us get … with your fun projects” as they experienced the fun of learning math and science skills. PIP Ministries has reached out to the Austin community for the past four years by hosting an annual day of praise and worship through live music, free food, informational booths, sports and children’s activities. With participation from various churches, businesses, and organizations in the Austin community, PIP Ministries has helped unite the community. Attendance for this annual event has averaged in the thousands for the past four years and many salvations have resulted from these events.

Pip Start was grown out of a passion to serve youth, to prepare them to serve and give to society. Webster’s College Dictionary defines the word pip as “the seed, especially of a fleshy fruit,” or a “fruit seed”. Appropriately named, Pip Start’s objective is to nurture the seed of God’s purpose in youth by teaching life skills, character, and academics, allowing the youth to exchange destructive behavior for fruitfulness. This objective will be accomplished through the various branches of Pip Start. Finances for the corporation will be obtained through individual support, donated services, and grants. Pip Start is governed by a Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Prayer Leaders, and branch leadership teams; and operates under the covering of a local church assembly.

Pip Start is organized into four different branches: Master Builder, Praise in the Park, Galatia, and Relationship Salsa 4 Life. The focus of Master Builder is to set a foundation of purpose and to build character in youth through engineering projects. Praise in the Park is aimed at celebrating, supporting, and encouraging God-given purpose, gifts, and talent in youth. Galatia teaches Christian Based Self-Defense with a focus on fitness, character and self-defense. Relationship Salsa 4 Life allows young men and women to develop healthy, fulfilling relationships through Latin dance and bible-based discussions.

The Master Builder program will accomplish its goals by holding workshops during the months of February, March, April, September, October, and November (in public schools, youth centers, etc.). Praise in the Park’s Youth of Purpose event is held the Saturday after Easter. Praise in the Park will accomplish its goals by incorporating informational booths on community and church-related family resources, children’s activities, dance performances, food, and praise and worship with live music into the Youth for Purpose event. Relationship 4 Salsa Life will accomplish its goals by holding workshops at least six times a year at college campuses, churches, and other community venues. Galatia Self-Defense focuses on fitness, character and self-defense. The goal is to build character, increase physical fitness & and set a foundation for self-defense. The class will teach on character traits (Joy, peace, love, patience, self-control, humbleness, faithfulness, gentleness, and goodness); exercise, work on basic techniques, and application of self-defense techniques; and end with a discussion of characteristics of God-fearing warriors & application of character in everyday life.

Pip Start was founded with a purpose of nurturing the seed of God’s purpose in youth, families and the community through vehicles of education and service. Founded in June of 2002 in Austin, TX, Pip Start is actually a merger of two 501c3…

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