The Center For Sustainable and Just Communities

  • Maryland


3432 Keswick Road
United States

About Us

Our mission: Partnering with other like-minded organizations, and working within our communities, we seek to build the foundation for transition to new economic structures and a socially just society through education, exploration, experimentation, and the sharing of resources and ideas.

Our purpose is to help build and maintain inclusive, stable, economically self-reliant, and socially just communities. Through education, exploration, experimentation, and communal action, we seek to:


  • foster deeper, more civil relationships among community members
  • promote economic justice
  • promote social justice
  • encourage diversity in social, political, and educational interactions
  • create opportunities in which all members of communities have a voice
  • connect with community-based groups, sharing resources and ideas to bring about the fundamental change necessary for a just society
  • be a resource for community-based solutions to address the issues that keep our communities divided, unjust, and unsustainable.